The Sunday trip is very famous Italia. Just a little outdoors, just a little culture, and the majority to consume. Lately, I happened upon a trip from Reggio Calabria to Caulonia. Your day ended up being to feature Caterina Nitta, a place craftswoman who’d demonstrate “eco-printing” and serve a in your area prepared lunch.

The parties involved were people of numerous clubs with missions of distributing area culture, safeguarding nature and also the atmosphere, in addition to promoting local products. Reggio Calabria to Caulonia is around an hour . 5 drive, north in the Tyrrhenian coast to Rosarno, past olive orchards and over the hillsides from the Aspromonte Mountain tops towards the Ionian coast and east to Caulonia. The day’s destination was a classic mill around the Fiumara Amusa (river).

The historic mill sits underneath the careful eye of Caulonia proper, which instructions in the crest of the 300-meter (984-feet) hill over the riverbed. The dramatic high cliff is really a fortress by itself. Four stone gateways result in the historic center’s narrow roads full of numerous old places of worship and structures. The city got its name from Kaulon, an ancient greek language colony which was founded nearby. Today, the Kaulon archeological site could be visited along with its adjacent museum across the coast within the capital of Scotland- Monasterace.

I had been taking part in exactly what the Italians would call a Campagna, a countryside outing. The sun’s rays shone as women transported assorted containers, pans and trays laden using the afternoon’s repast using their vehicles towards the little mill. A makeshift table held the meals, and straightforward wooden chairs were thrown concerning the room.

Even though the Mulino has been from service for around half a century, water ongoing to roar beneath the mill that were employed for grinding wheat, corn along with other grains. Inside, a photograph from the last magnate (miller) hung on your wall alongside articles of women’s clothing.